About the Office of the Solicitor General

The Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) of the Republic of Somaliland is the main legal advisor to the government by providing essential legal expertise and legal services to the Government of Somaliland.

The OSG is established under the Somaliland Judiciary Organization Act No.; 24/2003, and it is an independent and autonomous institution that falls under the President’s direct control.

The main role of the Office is to provide legal services to the Government, especially legislative drafting, and legal advice to the President, the Ministries, Agencies, and Local Government Authorities in Somaliland. The Office also represents the Government in the Courts in all civil cases in which the Government and its agencies are a party.

The OSG is headed by the Solicitor General, who is the principal law officer of the Government of the Republic of Somaliland. The Solicitor General is assisted by the Deputy Solicitor General and Legal Staff composed of at least fifty (50) Solicitors and other administrative staff who share the burdens and responsibilities of the legal staff.

The Office comprises various Departments, which administer multiple statutes assigned to the Solicitor-General. These include the Legal Drafting Department, Civil Litigation Department, Planning Department, Official Gazette Department, Admin, and Finance Department, and Human Resource Department. The Office maintains field offices in regions to deal with legal issues and legal services for government agencies at the regional level.


Our Vision

The Office of the Solicitor General will be the best public law office in Somaliland leading the state with the trust, confidence, and support of partners, consumers, and policy-makers while committing to the highest professional and ethical standards.


Our Mission

1.To provide efficient and professional legal services and legal representation to the Government of Somaliland for the interest of the State, and To promote the rule of law by providing legal opinion and advice on issues faced by government entities.
2.To develop the Solicitor General’s Office into a Center of Excellence for the Government’s Legal and Legislative Drafting Services.
3.To be a center for legal publication and dissemination service for the government and for the public by publishing legislation in the Official Gazette and on the office website

Our Values

All staff in the Office of the Solicitor General are guided by the   following core values:

1.We will deliver high-quality legal services and remember that we serve the people of Somaliland.


2.We will conduct ourselves with integrity, professionalism, civility, and transparency.


3.We will promote a solidarity, teamwork, cooperation, and inclusive workplace that values, respects, and supports our employees and colleagues.